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CHS Hairdressing Training + Consultancy

Welcome to the new internet portal for hairdressing trainging and consultancy in Malta
Hairdressing is a creative career that gives you a financially secure and flexible future, providing a service that is in demand both here and around the world. There are so many marvelous opportunities available to well-trained hairdressers.


Why qualify at CHS?

• Recognized Training from Goldwell HQ, Habia Malta and Habia UK.
• Beginners Courses, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Master Programs and the Ultimate HIQ Qualifications.
• Nationally and Internationally exchange training within E.U. training schemes.
• Training abroad in the UK and other European Contries.
• More than 500 hrs* of hands-on practical hairdressing experience during your course.
• A fun, challenging and enriching learning experience.
• Trainers that are passionate about hairdressing.
• Winners of Goldwell Malta Awards

Consulting & Advanced Training

Our consultancy has 25 years of Hairdressing and Management experience under the belt and experience is our key to share and deliver our knowledge, Training abroad and local helped us to create a specialized program for every needs. Here under is our latest program with 12 modules from Goldwell HQ Germany. These modules were deliverd to Mr Mark Paris in Germany.

To be successful as a salon today, you need more than just technical know-how and first-class products. It takes effective teamwork, shared values and outstanding creativity to attract clients and keep them coming back to your salon.
Our BE MORE. ACHIEVE MORE customized in-salon training program can help you achieve this.

BMAM Program for various areas of Hairdressing, these are the 12 Modules:
You design a program together with CHS, GOLDWELL Sales Representative to customized for you and your salon team. The program adapted to your needs, provides the optimal training solution to achieve your salon’s goals

• Communication:
Effective communication is vital for every hairdresser.
What is said, and how and when can make or break a relationship between stylists and clients.
This module helps improve your team‘s communication skills and enables them to BE MORE as hairdressers and ultimately ACHIEVE MORE in all aspects of their daily salon life.

• Goal Setting:
Successful people set goals and achieve them. This module enables hairdressers to identify, set and achieve goals regardless of age, role or experience level. All stylists will implement their goals during this session which will enable them to BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE individually and as a team.

• Consultation:
Client consultations are an important part of any professional salon service and are vital for stylists to understand and fulfill clients needs . This module offers your team communication skills to lead professional, effective client consultations, helping stylists to BE MORE confident as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE satisfying results.

• Maximizing Results:
Clients expect professional hairdressing services and advice when they visit your salon. This module helps you and your team to optimize your processes and services, utilize opportunities and maximize results. BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE by providing full service to clients.

• Live the color Cycle:
Professional color experts need to achieve perfect color results consistently for clients. This module introduces you and your team to our easy, systematic GOLDW ELL COLOR CYCLE approach which will help your team to work more proactively and productively and BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE success in your color business.

• Client Types:
Every salon client is unique. Your teams ability to define and understand specific client types is key to achieving color perfection. This module provides stylists with consultation skills to understand your client‘s personality and needs, enabling them to BE MORE confident as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE client satisfaction through specific client profiling.

• Make It Happen:
Clients really appreciate positive and motivated hairdressers who promise success and are able to make things happen. This module will help your team increase their motivation, productivity and effectiveness to BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE for clients

• Boosting Creativity:
Salon clients expect creativity from their stylist and want to know that special creative solutions are accessible when they visit your salon. This module opens up creative thinking and artistic talents, allowing your team to explore, develop and BE MORE as creative hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE client and personal satisfaction

• Passion Wins:
Passionate teams are successful teams. This module is designed to help you and your team create a dynamic salon environment and utilize the power of passion, to BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE every day.

• Choose to Win:
Clients choose successful salons. This module will give you confidence to make the changes to grow, improve and become more successful and will increase your team‘s motivation to BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE in all aspects of daily salon life.

• Home Hair Care:
Home hair care isn’t just an add-on, it’s a vital part of a professional salon service. This module will develop questioning and listening skills to be able to understand and meet clients‘ home hair care needs to maintain and recreate perfect color results. BE MORE as hairdressers and for clients and ACHIEVE MORE salon profitability

• New Generation Clients:
Success is directly related to your ability to effectively communicate with clients. This module provides an understanding of new generation clients and enables stylists to BE MORE as hairdressers and ACHIEVE MORE by meeting clients needs today.

Your only investment: Time .
The program is perfect for your entire salon team regardless of their experience level. The series of quick, effective 1-1.5 hour seminar modules are facilitated in a one-to-one style and team-oriented way. They take place in your salon, before opening, in the evening or at a time most convenient for the salon.

Improvement in every sense.
The benefits of each seminar module are immediate: enhanced confidence, motivation and team work, improved communication, productivity and customer service. Being more and achieving more for your clients will help your business improve and deliver the success you deserve: EDUCATION >> SUCCESS IS YOUR CREATIVITY COMING TO LIFE